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October 13, 2017 - October 15, 2017


Discover all there is to know about the centuries-old craft of beads and beading. Listen to stories of how beads hold significance in history, mythology, economy and fashion; get some hands-on beadmaking and bead-working experience through workshops; and get your hands on some beads and beadwork at the Beads Abuzz Bazaar held throughout the conference.

BIBCo 2017 will feature:

  • Academic papers by world-renowned authorities on bead studiesbibco2017
  • Hands-on workshops covering a wide range of disciplines and techniques
  • ‘Borneo Traditional’ workshops
  • Polymer clay and recycled materials workshops
  • Contemporary Bead Design workshops
  • Visits to Craft exhibitions and Museums in Kuching
  • Borneo International Beads Award
  • Exciting post-conference tours


Download your copy of BIBCo2017 brochure here.

BibCo Website

Date: 13 - 15 Oct 2017
Venue: The Waterfront Hotel

For more information, please visit