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Last Update: 20 Oct 2019
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On Rainforest World Music Festival

1. What is the dates Rainforest World Music Festivals 2017?

  • 14th - 16th July 2017.

2. Where is the Rainforest World Music Festival normally held?

  • Di Kampung Budaya Sarawak, Santubong, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia-Borneo


On Borneo Jazz

1. What was the dates for Borneo Jazz 2017?

  • 12 - 13 May 2017.


What more should I know about this Festival?

  • This event is solely outdoors, it’s a rain or shine event
  • Expect to sit on the ground and have fun.
  • Keep your coded wrist band intact.
  • Each wrist band is good for one person and valid for one day only.
  • Dress for a night of fun and relaxation
  • Insect repellent would be a good idea
  • Umbrella and rain coat in case it rains
  • Floor mats if you wish to enjoy the music lying down
  • For ladies, forget your high heels. Wear comfy dance shoes instead
  • Variety of food and drink counters available in a picnic atmosphere
  • Information counter, First Aid Station and public toilets are available for your convenience
  • Merchandise/CDs/Souvenirs are on sale. Don’t forget to get something for yourself.


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